Native Plant Guild Article

by Andrea Lubberts

Plaster Creek Stewards

The Native Plant Guild (NPG) is an alliance of local businesses and organizations that offers West Michigan a variety of ecological landscaping services. 

It began as an idea, a seed. 

A Seed Germinates

Native plants begin small, but work together to improve water quality, provide habitat, and beauty. The Native Plant Guild began in a similar manner in 2017 as a small group of individual growers, landscape designers, and educators. They saw the need to connect homeowners, businesses, and institutions with the resources needed for native plants and landscapes. Today, this alliance serves as a one stop shop for clients who need assistance with their native landscape projects.

Leaves Expand

Recent history has seen an increase in the public’s interest and demand for native plants. This is due to education and more common environmental practices. Consequently, the demand for native plants and experienced assistance to develop sustainable gardens has expanded. Each year new businesses join NPG, new projects require collaboration, and new opportunities to work with area partners outside of NPG unfold. 

Biodiverse Communities Grow

The healthiest, most sustainable native landscapes are those with a rich diversity of plants. The plants work symbiotically, producing a balancing effect on the areas around them. Collaboration is an identifying feature of NPG as well.  An email is sent with a project request, and in no time at all a project team is assembled from available members.  In this way, members are able to support each other and the group can act as a full-service entity.

Seeds Disperse

The interest in native plant landscapes continues to grow every year and more organizations see NPG as a source for help in green infrastructure. They offer training sites for student interns, as well as a dependable variety of native plant species for all settings. NPG envisions native landscapes as the norm and more guilds like this cultivated throughout the Midwest to serve those interested in landscaping that goes beyond beautiful.

You can learn more about and contact the members of this group at their website, and