Shipping for one garden kit or up to 15 Quart Pots of Native Plants


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Shipping and handling anywhere in Michigan for one garden kit or up to 15 quart pots of your choice.

Please add your choice of plants to your cart and include this item to cover shipping and handling.

If you have multiple garden kits or more than 15 quart pots, please add enough shipping charges to cover each box.

All boxes will be mailed out Monday through Wednesday. They will be sent the quickest available to your area, usually overnight to the lower peninsula and two days to the upper peninsula.

Select from Wildflowers, Grasses/Sedges and Woodland Wildflowers.

Fed Ex recommendations for sipping live plants are as follows: Shipping on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only. Delay shipping if the weather is 85 degrees or above. We follow these guidelines to ensure the healthiest plants possible. Please note that this could cause delays in shipping.


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